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DD_roundies: Code-only rounded HTML boxes

A Javascript library that makes creation of rounded-corner HTML boxes easy. Uses a combination of "border-radius" and VML in IE.
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Browser compatibility: Selector and Pseudo selectors

Some useful data on support for various CSS selectors and pseudo selectors in current browsers, including IE8 beta2.
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Dealing with CSS Font-Sizes

Pixels or ems, that's the question when it comes to specifying font size in CSS. A look at how to equalize between the two.
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12 Creative and Cool Uses for the CSS Border Property

A dozen interesting effects using CSS's border property.
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30+ CSS Cheat Sheets & Quick Reference Guides

As the title suggests, a collection of useful CSS cheat sheets from around the web.
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5 Ways to Spice up Your Images with CSS

A few simple CSS tricks to add some flavor to your typical bland images, such as a Watermark or Shadow effect.
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IE CSS Bug Fix: Disappearing Positioned Anchors

IE does not respect the height and width properties of block-level, absolutely positioned anchor tags if they contain no content. How's how to fix that.
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Unique CSS Borders - Boring borders step aside

CSS Borders aren’t always the most exciting part of a design. This article shows you that with a little creativity, you can make unique looking css borders.
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Overview of CSS3 Structural pseudo-classes

Structural pseudo-classes let you select and style child elements of a container based on a variety of generic criteria, such as the 3rd child, even/odd child elements, or even the nth child element of a certain type.
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Microsoft specifc CSS properties ("-ms-")

A list of IE specific CSS properties, which are now all expected to be prefixed with "-ms-" starting in IE8.

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