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Image Reflection with jQuery and MooTools

Reflection.js is a javascript utility available in both jQuery and MooTools that creates reflections for any images in a page.
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16 Stunning Mootools scripts for enhancing your html forms

Forms require a lot of work to look good and to be easy to use. Here are 16 MooTools based scripts to enhance your forms.
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Elegant animated weekly timeline for websites

This tutorial explains how to design an elegant and animated weekly timeline, with daily annotations, using MooTools.
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300+ Jquery, CSS, MooTools and JS navigation menus

A massive collection of CSS and JavaScript (jQuery, mooTools etc) menus.
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30 Days of Mootools 1.2 Tutorials

A 30 day course on MooTools 1.2. Day 1 starts here, introducing you to the basics of this popular JS framework.
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MooTools Basic Tips for Web Designer (Lesson 1)

An introduction to MooTools, including how to get DOM element by ID, how to use getStyle(), setStyle(), and toInt() to convert string to number and more.
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Create draggable and resizable elements in MooTools

A beginner's tutorial on creating elements that are draggable/ resizable in MooTools.
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Facebook Sliders With Mootools and CSS

Create a dynamic slider using Mootools and CSS.
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mooColorFinder is a web based tool by ArtViper that allows you to enter any url and then displays all the colors found on that page...HEX included.
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41 of the Best MooTools examples

"Here are 41 of the best MooTools based examples and effects I've found."

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