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CSS3 Rounded Corners using border-radius

Among CSS3's handy new features is the border-radius property, which offers a clean and easy way of adding rounded corners to elements on the page
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The Ultimate List Of Online Color Tools For Web Developers

There are a lot of useful online color tools such as color wheel, color scheme, color palette, color picker etc. With that said, here's a comprehensive list of them.
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An accessibility tool that checks the foreground and background color combination of a page to determine if they provide sufficient contrast for the visually impaired.
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ColorRotate is an interesting, 3D color inspiration tool that minimizes the need to memorize or jot down color combinations.
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20 Spring-Inspired Color Palettes

Spring is here, and here are 20 color palettes inspired by this season you can incorporate into your designs.
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Color Scheme Designer

An online color inspiration tool that generates complimenting and harmonious shades of a color.
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Image to Colors Palette Generator (beta)

Here's a new tool I've just added to CSS Drive. Upload an image and generate a color palette based on the image's primary colors. Bug report or suggestions certainly welcome.
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Evoking Emotion With Color

Color is arguably the most important component of a project’s finished design. We should think of the emotions we wish to evoke in the audience when selecting the desired palette.
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Another color combination resource for your design inspiration.
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Guide to Choosing Colors for Your Brand

One of the key elements of building a strong brand is color selection. A few pointers on picking the right colors.

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