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Font Awesome

An awesome collection of icon fonts, vector based so they look good at any size.
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Web Typography for the Lonely

Cutting edge experiments with HTML5 canvas and SVG graphics to create interesting typography effects.
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65 Inspiring Examples Of Single-Letter Logo Designs

65 examples of creative logos centered around a single large letter.
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Awesome Tips for Designing Perfect Web Typography

This article looks at some of the more common typography tips for designers and how you can apply these to your current web projects.
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Fontstacks lets you easily create bundles of beautifully matching, free web fonts, with failsafe font stacks to back them up.
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Font-Embedding Icons: This Is a Big Deal

A look at using CSS3's font embedding abilities to create icons using just plain text.
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Becoming a Font Embedding Master

Jonathan Snook's take on the best and most complete approach to font embedding using @font-face.
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Google Font Directory and API

The Google Font API makes it possible to start adding custom fonts to your webpages, with a selection of free fonts plus code to make it work in most modern browsers.
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20 Font Driven Websites Showcase

20 sites where typography plays a front and center role in the site's overall design.
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100+ Remarkable Free Fonts

Here are 100 beautiful free fonts to bring some variety to the typography of your site.

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