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The CSS white-space Property Explaineed

This article explains the different values for the CSS white-space property, and how each one can be used.
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CSS Wordpress Theme

A dark, simple, one column, free CSS Wordpress theme by Diana McCarthy that's worth a look and a download! Love that it's purely CSS based.
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CSS Sprites. They’re Awesome. Use Them

A look at what CSS image sprites are and why you should them (oh yes, and how).
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47 CSS Tips & Tricks To Take Your Site To The Next Level

47 CSS tips that span from beginner to more advanced CSS code.
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The Problem With CSS Drop Cap

Yes, creating CSS drop caps is simple but to do it correctly is a different story.
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Creating Triangles in CSS

A look at how to create trangles using pure CSS.
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Top 10 CSS Gotchas

And a guy who's been working with CSS for many years, here are his 10 most common "gotchas" for anyone trying to learn CSS.
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The New Clearfix Method

The clearfix hack, or “easy-clearing” hack, is a useful method of clearing floats. This updated version takes into account the demise of older browsers that no longer need to be catered to.
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23 Pure CSS Effects/Solutions to Make JavaScript Angry!

A compilation of interesting web effects created using CSS only, from buttons to menus and graphs, all without a lick of JavaScript.
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50+ Useful CSS Professional Techniques

Here are 50 CSS techniques that cover the entire spectrum of what's possible in CSS.

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