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Client Tactics: How to Spot a Deadbeat Client

In this article we will see different types of deadbeat clients and how to spot them.
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Client Tactics: Maintaining Existing Clients

This article discusses the reasons why managing existing clients instead of chasing new ones is important.
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25 Awesome Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer

"Having worked as a freelancer on and off for over ten years, I've created this list of my best tips on how to succeed."
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99 Alternatives to 99Designs

99 ideas for web designers to look to instead of joining the crowd sourcing bandwagon.
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15 Ways to Improve Freelance Creativity

Freelancers often find that staying in a creative mindset, day in day out, can be a real challenge. Here are 15 tips for improving creativity and staying creative for longer.
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4 Months Self-employed: 10 Lessons Learned

"I took the leap at the start of 2009 to become a freelancer and the experience has been both amazing and enlightening."
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5 Essential Document Templates for Freelance Designers

As a freelance web designer there are documents you use over and over again when dealing with clients, from the proposal document to the invoice.Blogger Lee Munroe shared 5 documents he reuses as a freelance web designer.
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13 Essential Tools for Freelancers to Track Time

A nice compilation of online tools for time tracking your projects as a freelancer.
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30+ Freelance Work Websites and Resources You Should Knos

A big list of freelance websites where web designers and programmers can browse and take on work.
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How to run a one-person web design agency

A look at one man run web agencies that have made it in the web design industry, and how it can for you as well.

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