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CSS drop shadow without images!

Here is a quick article including a demo and the code that shows you how to make a drop-shadow without using any images!
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CSS - How to use Overflow

Many people are confused about the proper use of CSS's "overflow" property. This tutorial tries to demystify that.
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CSS Text Wrap: Squeeze that text around any line

The CSS Text Wrapper allows you to easily make HTML text wrap in shapes other than just a rectangle.
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CSS Expandable Box

Nick La shows this nifty technique how to create all-purposes expandable box using only CSS.
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Coding Efficient Style Sheets

Some notes on commenting and structuring your CSS.
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Creating fluid DIV containers with rounded corners

See how to create fluid, rounded corners DIV containers using CSS plus the free and awesome Paint.NET program.
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Create a Lightbox effect only with CSS

A quick and dirty "Lightbox" effect created using only CSS, with just a touch of JavaScript.
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Nifty Navigation Using CSS

Rachel Andrew steps through horizontal and vertical menus, drop-down, fly-out, and tabbed navigation systems.
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CSS values for colors

This article will explain how to specify colors for a CSS property that accepts color values

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