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Grid: A simple guide to responsive design

Awesome, one page guide to responsive design.
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Modern.IE browser compatibility tools

A new Microsoft site offering tools to ensure your site is coded using best web standard practices and for maximum compatibility with various versions of IE, including legacy ones.
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Responsive Web Design: Layouts and Media Queries

A responsive website is a website that will respond and adapt to the user’s behavior and screen size. This guide looks at how to create responsive website layouts.
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Resizer bookmarklet

Resizer is a JavaScript bookmarklet that lets you quickly change the dimensions of a webpage to see how it holds up on various screen sizes.
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5 Tips for Designing iPhone Apps in Photoshop

Some tips on creating the mockup and basic skeleton of your iPhone App in Photoshop.
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Mobile Frameworks Comparison Chart

Looking for the right mobile framework? Compare all major mobile frameworks based on their OS and platform support using this handy chart.
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Ripple Mobile emulator

Ripple is a free Google extension that creates a mobile environment emulator for easy HTML5 mobile app testing.
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jQuery Mobile: What Can It Do for You?

This article ook at some of the key features and benefits of jQuery Mobile and how to put them to work for you.
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Building Cross-Platform Apps Using jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile introduces a cross-platform and cross-device framework for developing mobile applications. This simple app demonstrates this.
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10 handy jQuery mobile tips and snippets to get you started

10 common issues confronted by developers new to jQuery Mobile and their solutions.

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