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Examples of Negative Space in Logos

These logos make use of the empty space between its main elements to create something interesting.
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75 Beautiful And Creative Typography Logos

Typography logo designs might be pretty simple when it comes to appearance but they can also be very creative. Here are some examples of that.
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25 Text Based Logos- The Power of Letters

25 text based logos that deliver on sending a powerful message all on its own.
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45 Ship Logo Design Showcase Inspiration

A large collection of logos centered around a ship image for your inspiration.
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42 Logo Designs With Creative Use of Pen

A showcase of creative logos where the "pen" is the focal point.
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26 Type Based Logo Designs- Words at Play!

26 type based logo designs that use typography in a creative way to make the company name stand out literally.
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50+ Impressive Gourmet Logo Design

50 culinary and restaurant related logos for your design inspiration.
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30 Creative Designed Single Letter Logos

30 great logos where the emphasis is on one letter.
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30 Speech Bubble Logos- The Thinking Symbol

Have a look at these 30 creative logos that employ the "speech bubble" element to cleverly denote the purpose of the site it's representing.
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30 Inspired Leaf Logo Designs

The following is an inspiring collection of "Leaf Logos" where the focus is on one of nature's extremities.

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