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LowerCase and Title Case Converter

Online tool to easily fix up a headline so it's all lowercase or capitalized on every first letter:
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CSS AutoPrefixer

New online tool from CSS Drive that intelligently add CSS vendor prefixes to your CSS code. Just paste and copy!
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Simple online code editor

A simple, no fuss online code editor to easily test out any HTML, CSS or JavaScript code.
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Image to Base64 Converter Tool

Upload an image and convert it into base64 string to use in place of an image with this handy tool!
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Favicon Editor

This canvas based tool lets you create a 16x16 png icon from scratch or an existing png icon, using just a modern browser.
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Runnable lets you run server side code and experiment with accessing various APIs, right in your browser. Think of it as JSFiddle for server side scripts.
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Modern.IE browser compatibility tools

A new Microsoft site offering tools to ensure your site is coded using best web standard practices and for maximum compatibility with various versions of IE, including legacy ones.
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PlaceIt screenshot over environments service

PlaceIt allows you to upload a product screenshot and place it within the context of various different environments, such as inside an iPad held by a man sitting in the park.
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QRhacker QR Generator

QRHacker is an online tool that generates a QR image code for use on your print ads, such as a URL, Phone Number, or some text.
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Screenfly is a cool online tool that makes it easy to view your webpage in various resolutions, with preset options for various tablets and smartphones.

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