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Developer-Friendly Free Templates

A nice collection of Free CSS Templates. Most of them are Web 2.0 styled, XHTML / CSS validated, and come with PSD files.
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30 Excellent CSS Based Navigation and Buttons

CSS menus are an integral part of many successful designs. 30 excellent tutorials on creating various styles of CSS menus.
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DD_roundies: Code-only rounded HTML boxes

A Javascript library that makes creation of rounded-corner HTML boxes easy. Uses a combination of "border-radius" and VML in IE.
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Thick Underline Menu

A simple yet elegant CSS menu effect, by adding a thick border underneath the menu links.
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CSS Stacked Bar Graphs

See how to create CSS bar graphs that overlap one another .to simultaneously show multiple data sets.
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Corporate CSS Tableless form

An elegant tableless CSS form template with a decidedly corporate look and feel.
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Simple Hover CSS Menu

Horizontal CSS menu links with a description that appears beneath the link onMouseover.
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jQuery Multi Level Slide-In Menu

A multi-level horizontal CSS menu created using a regular nested HTML list and jQuery. The sub menus slide in and out into view.
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WuFoo form templates

A superb collection of free CSS form templates, categorized by theme.
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Uber Round Color Tabs

A nice CSS menu with tabs that are well rounded on each side. The color of the tabs can be customized using CSS color values alone.

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