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Flipboard CSS buttons

Flipboard creates a series of CSS buttons that flip horizontally on themselves when the mouse rolls over them.
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CSS Rollover Text Menu

Rollover text effect using using a combo of CSS2 generated content and CSS3 transitions/ transform!
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CSS 3D Depressible Button

CSS3 can be used to really jazz up a plain looking link and create an awesome "call to action" button, as in the following demo.
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CSS3 Before and After Image Effect

This CSS3 demo animates the "clip" property of an image to peel back and reveal an "after" image positioned underneath it, creating a sleek "Before and After" effect.
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CSS Spotlight Menu

A CSS menu with an animated "spotlight" background effect, using CSS3's border-radius property and transitions.
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Hakim CSS3 Experiments

A handful of cutting edge CSS3 experiments showcasing what's possible using JavaScript and CSS3 canvas, transitions, transforms etc.
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CSS3 animated vertical slanted menu

A vertical list menu that uses the CSS border trick to create a slanted left edge and CSS3 animation to stretch the selected menu item horizontally so to highlight it.
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Pull out image using CSS3 keyframe animation

The following uses CSS3 keyframes to create a pull out image that is revealed when the mouse rolls over an image.
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CSS3 Semi Opaque Menu

This menu takes advantage of CSS3 gradient background and SVG in IE9 to produce a menu with a semi opaque rollover effect.
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CSS logos

A collection of logos created using CSS only- No JS, no images!

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