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CSS3 animated vertical slanted menu

A vertical list menu that uses the CSS border trick to create a slanted left edge and CSS3 animation to stretch the selected menu item horizontally so to highlight it.
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Pull out image using CSS3 keyframe animation

The following uses CSS3 keyframes to create a pull out image that is revealed when the mouse rolls over an image.
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CSS3 Semi Opaque Menu

This menu takes advantage of CSS3 gradient background and SVG in IE9 to produce a menu with a semi opaque rollover effect.
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CSS logos

A collection of logos created using CSS only- No JS, no images!
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CSS Clay Bricks Menu

A rustic looking horizontal CSS menu that utilizes CSS3 gradient backgrounds and box shadows to add progressive visual appeal to it.
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CSS Arrow Underline Menu

This menu uses the nifty "CSS Triangles technique" to add a pointy bottom border to the active menu link without the use of images or extraneous markup.
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32 Javascript Alternatives with Pure CSS

CSS solutions that typically are associated with using Javascript to accomplish. Includes button effects, menus etc,
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CSS3 Hover Image Gallery

A sleek image gallery that take advantages of CSS3 animation, shadows, and the "transform" property to instantly add a smooth hover effect to its images.
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BonBon Sweet CSS3 buttons

Fancy CSS3 buttons that are sexy looking, flexible, and with the least amount of markup possible.
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CSS Wordpress Theme

A dark, simple, one column, free CSS Wordpress theme by Diana McCarthy that's worth a look and a download! Love that it's purely CSS based.

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