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WuFoo form templates

A superb collection of free CSS form templates, categorized by theme.
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Uber Round Color Tabs

A nice CSS menu with tabs that are well rounded on each side. The color of the tabs can be customized using CSS color values alone.
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CSS Candy Menu

Candy Menu is a stylish CSS drop down menu that's comes in six provocative colors to get you going.
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Sexy Panels Vertical Menu

Sexy Panels is a CSS vertical list menu with a curvy right edge. It uses a transparent gif as its interface for easy color customization.
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Rounded CSS vertical Menu

A professional yet simple take on a vertical rounded corner CSS menu.
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300+ Jquery, CSS, MooTools and JS navigation menus

A massive collection of CSS and JavaScript (jQuery, mooTools etc) menus.
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CSS Aura Menu

A clean looking CSS menu with a gray border outlining its edges and an "aura" effect applied to the menu items onMouseover.
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20 More CSS based Navigation Menus For Your Projects

20 excellent CSS based Navigation menu techniques, most of which come with code snippets and examples.
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CSS Matt Black Tabs

There's often beauty in simplicity. Matt Black Tabs is a clean CSS list menu that uses no images, and very small in footprint.
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CSS Text based navigation bar with images

A CSS image sprite based navigational menu. Not my technique of choice, but perhaps for some people.

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