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12 Accessibility Pitfalls to Avoid

Here’s our list of twelve accessibility pitfalls to avoid along with some examples showcasing sites that either excel or fail miserably in these areas.
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We are Color Blind

The patterns and examples on this site help you create websites the color blind can use without problems.
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An accessibility tool that checks the foreground and background color combination of a page to determine if they provide sufficient contrast for the visually impaired.
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Pitfalls of Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools

Automated web accessibility evaluation tools are hard to trust, understand and only provides feedback on a small amount of factors that influence accessibility
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34 Free CAPTCHA Scripts and Anti-Spam Services

Managing spam comments on your blog is very time consuming. Here’s a list of 34 free Captcha scripts and anti-spam services you can use to be more productive.
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Differences between IE8 Compatibility View and IE7

A side by side comparison of the changes in CSS and JavaScript in IE8 Compatibility Mode developers should take note of to make their sites compatible in it.
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iBBDemo iPhone Browser Simulator

iBBDemo is a desktop app that simulates the iPhone browser for cross platform development. It correctly renders Webkit targeted HTML, including the custom -webkit CSS extensions.
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Valid (X)HTML - Is it important?

As a web designer you’re encouraged to write valid code, but is it really important? A look at the reasons behind validation.
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Semantic Markup and Accessibility Standards - An overview

This guide provides a medium level of understanding of accessibility standards, which include include W3C and WCAG standards.
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JavaScript and screen readers

A look at how screen readers interact with various JavaScript events, and how to use that info to create dynamic sites that are also accessible.

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