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Advanced Media Queries for Mobile Devices

See how to use CSS media queries to selectively show a navigation bar based on the device's orientation and dimensions.
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Mobile form design strategies

A Web form which works well on desktops won’t necessarily work on mobile devices. This article looks at how to optimize a desktop form for the mobile space.
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The practicalities of CSS Media Queries, lessons learned

A webmaster talks about his experience with using CSS media queries to tailor a site for mobile browsers, it's pros and cons.
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How to write a simple application on jQuery Mobile

This article looks at how to create a simple jQuery Mobile application.
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How to Create a Mobile Version of Your Website

A look at the essential techniques you can employ to optimize your web site for mobile viewers.
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ARIA and Progressive Enhancement

ALA looks at how ARIA fits within the over progressive enhancement strategy in helping the disabled interact with complex elements on your page.
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A Roundup of 15 Mobile Web Design Tutorials

In recent years there has been a massive increase in mobile web use, This post brings together 15 tutorials for getting started in mobile site design.
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Mobile Web Design: Overview, Examples and Tips

Mobile web users make up an increasingly larger share of the net population. This article shows you how to start tailoring your site to these people.
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Designing for iPad: Reality Check

A web designer shares his insights on designing for the iPad, what to look out for etc.
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Preparing Your Web Content for iPad

Worried whether your site will hold up when viewed on iPad? Here's an iPad readiness checklist prepared by Apple for webmasters.

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