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Accessible Data Visualization with Web Standards

Three basic techniques for incorporating some simple data visualization into standards-based navigation patterns.
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7 Tips for Great Print Style Sheets

Here are a few tips for creating a print style sheet for your pages.
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Advanced CSS Printing—Using CSS Page Breaks

Luckily, using page breaks in CSS is quite easy.
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CSS for Accessibility

Even better, no sexy visuals will be harmed by the use of these techniques. Promise.
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What does Accessibility mean?

Jonathan Snook explains the difference between accessibility and usability.
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15 Tools to Make Your Site Printer Friendly

15 helpful resources on creating printer friendly web pages.
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Screen readers sometimes announce display: none contents

Roger talks about how screen readers don't always ignore the display: none property.
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Accessibility Is About Minimizing Requirements

The less requirements you have, the more freedom people have to use your site, the more accessible it is to the world.
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10 Usability Nightmares You Should Be Aware Of

If your visitors don't understand how they can get from point A to point B they won't use your site.
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W3C Compliance & Macromedia Flash

A Creative Solution to Validate Pages Containing Macromedia Flash and Work Around XHTML Specifications for Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

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