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Grooveshark logo case study

A look at the creative process behind the logo for Grooveshark, a popular streaming music service.
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Negative Space in Logos showcase

Negative space draws the user's attention to the space around a subject, and not just the subject itself. The result of negative space in logo design is an elegant, clever visual effect.
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35 beautiful 3D logo design inspiration

Here are 35 creative 3D logo which might be handy if your are thinking or revamping your logos to 3D ones.
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Behind The Scene:30 Great Examples Of Logo Design Process

A look at 30 great logo design processes, from the various stages of listening, research, development, to feedback then final changes.
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70 Fresh and Creative Minimal Logo Design

70 great looking logos that are also minimalist in design.
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35 Inspiring Star Logo Designs

People often associated stars with creativity, dreams, success, night, and being famous etc. Here are some inspiring star logo designs.
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30 In-Depth Logo Design Case Studies

Ever wondered what it takes to create a logo? Here are 30 case studies of how the respective logo was created.
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25 Beautifull logos redesigns

25 beautiful logos and how they used to look.
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70 Creative Logo Designs for Design Inspiration

70 fresh and creative logos representing businesses of all genres.
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33 Inspiring Fish Logo Designs

33 Inspiring Fish Logo Designs in which the type of fish used shows a particular symbolic importance.

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