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Using Light, Color and Contrast Effectively in UI Design

Very basic things like light, color and contrast are often overlooked in UI design. A look at what to watch out for.
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Cymbolism is a tool that uses "group think" to help designers choose the best colors for the desired emotional effect.
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Color Picker Widget (YUI based)

A YUI based Color Picker that supports the ability to display itself either inline on the page, or as a floating widget.
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Very cool tool from Adobe that picks color schemes based on uploaded images.
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Daily Color Scheme

Each day, a new color scheme to inspire you.
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25 Beautifully Colorful Websites

Steven at Vandelay Web Design's Blog details out 25 beautiful and colorful websites for inspiration.
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Understanding CSS Colour modes

CSS offers a number of different ways to pick colors, and the new color modes in CSS3 are still a riddle to most people. In this article I'll explain how everything works.
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Best Color Tools For Web Designers

A list of great online color tools for web designers to research matching and harmonious colors.
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500+ color names

Single page listing over 500 colours by colour name: Hex value, RGB value and Microsoft Access code number.
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Color Inspiration: Monsters and Dubious Characters

Selected 20 Creative Characters from Mojizu for your color inspiration.

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