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101 High Quality CSS/ XHTML Templates and Layouts: Part 1

A compilation of 10 attractive, free CSS and XHTML templates from various sources around the web.
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The Golden Grid CSS framework

The Golden Grid is a new CSS framework for users who wish to quickly create a non linear, grid like layout, such as a 4 columns x 3 rows layout.
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WebNicer Simple Grid System

A simple CSS grid framework that lets you quickly deploy flexible layouts with no complex CSS classes or rules to remember.
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Emastic Beta3 released

Emastic is a compact (< 4 kb) CSS framework for implementing CSS grids using em, px, or % values. Now in beta3.
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BlueTripCSS Framework

BlueTripCSS takes the best aspects of two existing CSS frameworks- BlueprintCSS and Tripoli- to form a new, hopefully better CSS framework.
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Battle of the CSS Frameworks

"I've become a little obsessed with CSS frameworks lately. Here's my take after trying a few of them".
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Peppy 0.1 beta release!

Peppy is a lightning fast CSS 3 compliant selector engine with no external library dependencies. Peppy can be used along side other libraries seamlessly.
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A Killer Collection of Global CSS Reset Styles

CSS "reset" rules override default browser styles and make cross browser CSS simple. A collection of killer CSS reset styles.
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21 Excellent CSS Dreamweaver Extensions

21 Excellent Dreamweaver Extensions for CSS Productivity and Standards, most of them free.
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CSS Frameworks summary

A summary of 15 CSS frameworks out there for you to harness.

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