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A CSS library for manipulating CSS3 animations- stack animations, create cross-browser blurring, set callbacks etc with ease. Also comes with many built in CSS3 animation effects.
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Chocolate Chip UI

CSS mobile framework that mimics the native look of popular OSes, from iOS7, to Android Jelly Bean and Windows Phone 8.
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Pure CSS framework

A super lean CSS framework that builds on Normalize.css to add layout and styling, plus common UI components to webpages. Crafted with mobile devices in mind.
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Foundation front-end framework

Version 4 of Foundation, a front-end framework similar to Twitter's Bootstrap, has been released. Its emphasis is on rapid mobile development and lean code.
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One% CSS Grid

One% CSS Grid is a 12 column fluid CSS grid system. As a percentage based grid system, it means that it will perfectly adapt to all screen resolutions (mobile, tablets and big screens).
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Responsive Grid System

A CSS grid system for easily implementing column layouts that are responsive to mobile devices.
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A small 2.3k JavaScript file that inserts vendor-specific CSS3 properties to their official counterparts in your stylesheets to save you the hassle and time.
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Not just a Grid

A CSS framework covering multi-column layouts, typography, forms, tables and user experience enhancements.
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Less Framework 3

A cross-device CSS grid framework that uses inline media queries to serve up different layouts to the end user based on the device he/she is using (mobile, desktop etc).
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Atatonic CSS Framework

A extremely small, compact CSS framework with a single focus- on typography.

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