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The Awesome Highlighter

Highlight text in a webpage so you can be certain the recipient will know why.
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XHTML/CSS Markup Generator

Markup Generator is a simple tool that helps generate the tedious base code of a XHTML/ CSS design.
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Best resources on-line for color schemes generators

Color schemes generators are a good resource which helps web designers to find inspiration to create harmonious palette and design nice color schemes layout for web project or in general for graphic design.
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CSS Type Set

A nice tool that lets you preview your CSS font styles live.
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Text to PNG converter

Interesting tool that enables webmasters to convert their textual headlines and navigations into PNG images.
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YUI CSS Grid Builder

A nice visual tool for creating CSS grids/ layouts, such as two columns, multiple rows and columns etc.
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Best Color Tools For Web Designers

A list of great online color tools for web designers to research matching and harmonious colors.
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Design Bookmarklet

A suite of web-design and development assistive tools which can be utilized on any web-page.
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Online JavaScript Beautifier

Interesting tool that untangles compressed JavaScripts and formats messy ones to boot to make them easier for humans to decipher.
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Web 2.0 Button Generator

Lets you edit pre-designed icons or upload and modify your own icons.

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