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Blackbird JavaScript Logging utility

Blackbird is an open source, simple utility for logging JavaScript messages and viewing them in an attractive console.
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Sumopaint online graphics editor

A powerful, free online graphics editor that supports many advanced features such as layers. Very nice.
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Conditional CSS generator

Conditional CSS generates a PHP or C file that enables you to serve CSS with conditional logic targeting specific browsers.
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Striped Backgrounds generator

A clean, simple striped background generator, with output for different screen resolutions.
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Cymbolism is a tool that uses "group think" to help designers choose the best colors for the desired emotional effect.
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BgPatterns tiled backgrounds designer

An online tool for generating and sharing tiled backgrounds.
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23+ Impressive Tools for Faster Javascript/Ajax Development

A wide range of tools and applications that could really help you build, test and debug Javascript and Ajax applications efficiently.
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Crowdsound lets your users suggest ideas to improve your product or company, by voting for the features they like to see.
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Launch Splash

Launch Splash provides a free "launching soon" page to your upcoming project's homepage.
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Mon.itor.us site monitoring

Mon.itor.us is a free, comprehensive web site monitoring service.

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