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Examples of Negative Space in Logos

These logos make use of the empty space between its main elements to create something interesting.

Flipboard CSS buttons

Flipboard creates a series of CSS buttons that flip horizontally on themselves when the mouse rolls over them.


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Top Handwritten Fonts of 2013

A compilation of free, never before released handwritten fonts by the guys at Totally Unscripted!


Fabric.js is a powerful JavaScript framework for working with the canvas element of HTML5, allowing you to easily create and manipulate canvas based elements.

CSS Rollover Text Menu

Rollover text effect using using a combo of CSS2 generated content and CSS3 transitions/ transform!


Runnable lets you run server side code and experiment with accessing various APIs, right in your browser. Think of it as JSFiddle for server side scripts.

Centering floated content using CSS’s fit-content value

A quick look at how to center floated elements on the page using the new "fit-content" value of the width property in CSS.


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