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Velocity is a jQuery plugin that re-implements $.animate() to produce significantly greater performance with little change to your existing jQuery code.

Responsive Iconic Menu

A sleek CSS3 horizontal menu bar that stays tucked away until the user clicks on an icon, revealing the menu.


A jQuery plugin for doing cool scroll related animations such as parallax.

Grid: A simple guide to responsive design

Awesome, one page guide to responsive design.

jQuery 1.11 and 2.1 Released

The new versions improve upon performance such as lower startup times plus availability as a npm package (for use in node or browserify).


A JavaScript 2D Physics engine to add some nice physics effects to your code.

25 Horrifying Designs

Truly inspirational designs by some of the industries most creative artists, here is a horror themed collection of designs!


A modern JavaScript library for working with SVG, and includes support for masking, clipping, patterns, full gradients, groups, and more.


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