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The Freelancer Pricing Conundrum

A look at the conundrum freelancers face when deciding how much to charge their clients.
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Resources for Freelance Web Designers

Being a freelance web designer is hard work. A collection of articles, links, and tools to help you along on your freelancing journey.
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200+ Resources for Freelance Web Designers

Massive collection of resources for freelance web designers, broken down into two major sections: business resources and design/development resources.
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10 Absolute “No’s!” for Web Design Freelancers

WakeUpLater has a great round-up of ten must read things to avoid when freelancing as a web designer
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10 Essential Email Skills for Any Freelancer

FreelanceSwitch talks about their top 10 essential skills that every freelance designer needs to have for email.
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9 Essential Ideas to Find Time for Freelance Work

Leo over at FreelanceSwitch throws out some good ideas for finding time to do freelance design work.
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FreelanceSwitch adds a Freelance hourly rate calculator

FreelanceSwitch has added a new hourly rate calculator that will help freelancers calculate their hourly rate for web design.
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To Dance the Dance of Freelance

My best recommendation is to get involved in freelancing while you've still got the comfort of your full-time job.
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Web Design Freelancers: The Psychology of your Rate

The question I get asked most from fellow freelancers is, "how do you determine your rate"?
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Frenetic Freelance

Jonathan Snook on deciding to go freelance full time

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