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AJAX form POST with PHP, Javascript, and Cookies

One way to mimic asynchronous form posting using PHP and JavaScript.
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Build a Photo Gallery Using CakePHP and Flickr

Want to share your Flickr photostream with the world, but only once you've given it a nice, customized touch?
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Vertical Bar Graphs with CSS and PHP

o wants to use Excel to make a new graph each week? Using CSS and PHP you can create attractive bar graphs (yes, even the stacked kind) that are always up to date.
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Simple PHP randomizer

Roger Johansson explains how he randomized books and music albums that are displayed on his site
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CSS Star Rating Redux

5 star rating system using CSS
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RSS Display Boxes

RSS Display Boxes combines Ajax with PHP to make it easy to display RSS feeds on any page on your site.
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Automatic merging and versioning of CSS/JS files with PHP

Merges files on the fly whilst also versioning the merged file automatically as the various component files change
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Use AJAX and PHP to Build your Mailing List

Arron's email subscription management script, which uses the Prototype library to interface with a mailing list database in PHP
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Use Debug CSS in CakePHP

The default layout that comes with CakePHP has some nice styling, especially for the debug table that appears at the bottom
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Cronjobs, A Full Introduction. DB backup script included

A great tutorial on Cronjobs, Database backups, and a good list of helpful cron commands.

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