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40 Excellent Logo Designs

Everyone loves to look at a good logo. Here are 40 well designed logos for you to use as inspiration.
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Why logo design does not cost $5.00

A comparison between "cheap" and "professional" logo design, and why you should opt for the later.
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12 Examples of Effective Text-Only Logos

12 examples of attractive text based site logos that show how they can be just as effective as images.
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Logopond Design Inspiration

54 Creative Logos Hand-picked From Logopond for your logo inspiration.
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150 free vector logos for your site

Original vector based logos to brand your site using, for free.
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Country Logos

Representative logos of various countries that help shape their image.
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A logo creation service where you pick from a selection the logo you like, customized then made exclusive to you, for $200.
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Do you follow logo design trends?

David Airey poses the question to designers if they follow logo design trends.
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450 attractive Web 2 designed logos

The 450 logos featured here belong to famous web brands. These logos are savvy,smart and professional .Each logo should a confident stance.
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My Logo Design Process by David Airey

David Airey split his logo design process into a number of sections, giving you a look at how clients and he work together.

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