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CSS display:inline-block

This article investigate various ways CSS's "display:inline-block" is useful, and cross browser so.
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Pixel Precision with Diagnostic CSS

A little CSS trick to achieve pixel precision when converting your PSD to actual design.
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Top 10 CSS Table Designs

How many of you have used CSS based tables on your sites? I have before, here's a list of some great CSS based table designs worth checking out!
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How to Build an EM Based Layout that Won’t Break

An EM based layout allows your website to scale gracefully based on visitor screen resolution or front size. This article shows how to build a bullet proof two-column EM based website layout.
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CSS Layouts: 40+ Tutorials, Tips, Demos and Best Practices

So we´ve decided to take a deep look at articles about CSS-based layouts and the result was a list of 40 tutorials, resources and best practices offering gorgeous and valid CSS-based Layouts.
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Top reasons your CSS columns are messed up

Kyle Neath shares some top reasons on why your CSS columns may be messing up.
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Faux Absolute Positioning

Another CSS layout technique. Worth a read.
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Introduction to CSS3 Multiple Columns

CSS3 introduces a new module known, appropriately, as multi-column layout.
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Easy Vertical Centering with CSS

One way of vertical centering in CSS that's quick and easy.
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65 Resources for Grid-Based Design

65 resources to improve your efficiency and effectiveness with grid based designs, or learn the basics.

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