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32 Javascript Alternatives with Pure CSS

CSS solutions that typically are associated with using Javascript to accomplish. Includes button effects, menus etc,
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CSS Only Lightbox Viewer Using CSS3 Transitions

A case of CSS replacing JavaScript completely to create a intricate lightbox.
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CSS Circle Menu

This CSS example uses CSS3's border-radius property that's set to a very large value to create circle menu links.
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Pure CSS3 Post Tags

This article illustrates the use of two CSS techniques, CSS triangles and CSS circles, to create cool looking "tags".
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Newest Design Trends with Popular CSS3 Techniques

A look at some emerging trends based on popular CSS3 techniques on the web.
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Create Spinning Rays with CSS3 Animations & JavaScript

This article shows how to use CSS3's transform property plus a little JavaScript to rotate a background image periodically and create spinning rays!
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20 Excellent HTML5 Video Players

This post showcases a list of great HTML5 media players that you can use today.
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Designing Search Boxes with HTML5 and CSS3

Three simple demonstrations of using CSS3 and HTML5 to beautify a search form.
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50 Advanced HTML5 Demos

50 awesome HTML5 demos to show its true potential.
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Text-overflow CSS3 property explained

Using CSS3's text-overflow property, one can easily add an ellipsis to truncated text to indicate there is more text to follow.

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