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Screenfly is a free online service that enables you to view your website as they would appear on a variety of device screens and resolutions, from popular tablets, smartphones, to TVs.
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A very cool online tool for visually and quickly creating HTML5 based animations.
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Animated Gif Generator

A cool online tool that lets you easily create an animated gif by uploading a series of still images.
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18 Free Screencasting tools to Create Video Tutorials

Screencasting is a great way to showcase a procedure, to teach, or demonstrate a service in a multimedia manner. Here are 15 free screencasting tools for you developers.
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25+ Awesome Websites to Make Funny Pictures Online

The following image generators turn regular images into funny ones and makes anyone look like a funny Photoshop guru in the process.
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Google Closure Tools

Google has has released Closure Tools, a set of tools that include Closure Compiler, Closure Library, and Closure Templates to ease your JavaScript development.
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15 Helpful Web Based Broken Link Checkers

15 helpful web based broken links checkers to hunt down broken links on your pages.
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Roundup of CSS Grid and Layout Generators

This grid generators will help you ease the creation of CSS grids and layouts, whether fixed or fluid.
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35 Useful Free Online Tools for Web Developers

35 useful online tools and generators, from color inspiration, favicon, font tools, to code optimizers and validation.
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15 Really Useful Web-based HTML Editors

Web-based HTML Editors let users enter rich text input within the browser. Let’s see 15 powerful Web-based HTML Editors.

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