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eFluid Responsive Top Menu

A responsive top menu that adapts to different devices and screen sizes elegantly, using CSS media queries only to trigger the different breaking points.
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Power List menu

Multi-level menu that transforms a nested UL into a series of slide-in panels that occupy no more space than the top level UL itself.
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Before and After image script

Lets you view an "after" version of any image as an overlay of the original one in dramatic fashion.
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Parallax Slider

Parallax scrolling comes to a slider with this jQuery content slider script.
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Velocity is a jQuery plugin that re-implements $.animate() to produce significantly greater performance with little change to your existing jQuery code.
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A jQuery plugin for doing cool scroll related animations such as parallax.
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Photobox image gallery

A lightweight thumbnails and image gallery script that uses CSS3 for silky-smooth animations and transitions.
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DD ScrollSpy Menu

DD ScrollSpy Menu lets you define a menu whose items are automatically highlighted based on the portion of the page the user is currently viewing.
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Multi-zoom Image script

This practical jQuery script lets you add zoom capability to any image or group of thumbnail images.
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jQuery Animated UL lists

This jQuery script adds flare to your UL lists, by animating the items into view, one item at a time. You can get each item to slide in from the left, drop in, or even spin before making their way to their destination.

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