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AutoAssist 0.5

A very cool auto assist widget for your forms.

MapSurface dissected

Overview of some interesting JSON techniques used to create the MapSurface service.


An ajax widget/ service that helps you see how people find, navigate and value the pages of your web site.


A script that turns content blocks on your page into tab blocks.

Beautifully Numbered CSS Lists

Some nicely numbered lists using dl, dt and dd tags inside a ol li structure.

Google’s BigDaddy bot understands CSS and JavaScript?

Observation: Google's BigDaddy bot seems to be using a Mozilla-like crawler to decipher CSS and JS on your page!

JavaScript / CSS / DOM image zoomer

A CSS based, cross browser zoom effect. Move your mouse anywhere over an image to enlarge that portion of it.

JavaScript 2.0 update: Python iterators

Creator of JavaScript discusses infusing the upcoming JavaScript 2.0 with Pythonic generators and iterators.


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