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CSS star rating tutorial

Nice article showing how to create a 5-star rating system using only CSS and a list of links.

Updating a JavaScript to be XHTML compliant

Two methods for making your JavaScript XHTML compliant.

Skip and Jump Links

Pros and Cons of Skip and Jump Content Links

CSS Rounded Corners tutorials list

An extensive list of tutorials on the web on creating round corners using CSS and beyond.


This util got 1.3 kb of my site's CSS, which is an 18% save! Quite cool :)

Ruby on rails and Mac OSX

Use Ruby on rails with your Mac OSX to create an application

Daily Designer News

A new daily design news site is taking emails to be notified for launch.

Grids CSS: easy page creation

Hundreds of different page layouts with a single css file, and it's only 1.82k!


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