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The HSL declaration in CSS3 lets you set colors using Hue (H), Saturation (S) and Lightness (L).
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CSS3: Embedding a Font Face

Want to get away from using just ‘web safe’ fonts to create attractive headers AND do it without using an image? Use CSS 3 and embed a font-face!
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Semantics in HTML 5

ALA talks about semantics in the HTML 5 specification.
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CSS3 Border-Radius & Rounded Corners

A quick look at creating rounded corners by collectively using CSS3 and vendor specific prefixes (ie: "-moz").
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Six Questions: Eric Meyer on CSS3

Eric A. Meyer knows a thing or two about standards-based CSS and HTML development. Six questions posed to him on CSS3.
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Old School Clock with CSS3 and jQuery

Transform:rotate is a new feature of CSS 3 which lets you well, rotate stuff. Combined with jQuery, here's an old school JavaScript clock.
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HTML 5 demos

A series of demos intended for showing implementations of HTML5 in (non-final) browsers available in September 2008.
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CSS 3 attribute selectors

CSS3 introduces three new selectors that can match strings against an attribute value at the beginning, the end, or anywhere within the value.
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Get Started with CSS 3

Put on your daredevil helmet and dive into some cool new CSS3 features in this article.
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Progressive Enhancement with CSS 3

A demonstration of some features of CSS3- supported in Opera 9.5 and Safari 3- with emphasis on graceful degradation.

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