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5 CSS3 Design Enhancements That You Can Use Today

A look at 5 different CSS3 properties that you can start playing with and use right now to compliment your existing CSS.
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7 Essential CSS 3 Techniques Revealed

A look at the 7 major CSS3 techniques, including text-shadow, box-sizing, opacity, multiple backgrounds, border-radius, and border-image.
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CSS3 Unleashed- Tips, Tricks and Techniques

A nice collection of resources that summarize the new features in CSS3.
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Take Your Design To The Next Level With CSS3

This article looks at the advantages of CSS3 and how to start using it gracefully on your site today.
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Apple’s Navigation bar using only CSS

This tutorial recreates Apple's famed rounded corner menu bar using cutting edge CSS 3 only. Safari 4.x required to see demo.
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Custom Attributes in HTML 5

HTML 5 supports a new "data" attribute you can add inside elements to store arbitrary bits of information, to be later parsed using JavaScript for example.
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Introduction to the Canvas element of HTML5

An awesome tutorial on creating simple UI graphics using the new Canvas element of HTML5.
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3D Cube using CSS transformations

The impression of a three dimensional cube can be created using modern CSS3 techniques alone. Demo requires Firefox 3.5+ or Safari 3.2+.
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CSS3 & Flexible UI: Avoid Recutting UI Graphics for Mobile

Firefox 3.5 enables a new slew of fun CSS3 design styles such as ounded edges, embedded fonts etc that are perfect for the low bandwidth, screen size mobile viewers.
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3 user interface related additions in CSS3

A look at Box-sizing, Resize, and the Outline property in CSS3.

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