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Categories vs Tags

There are two concepts which are used to organize your site’s content: categories and tags. A description of the two.
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The Essense of Web Design

A web designer reflects on the essence of web design as she's discovered it. Nice read.
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How Usable is Your Copy?

Copy is a term used to refer to the text on your website. How "usable" is it?
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Use Whitespace to Indicate Relationships Between Content Elements

A reminder on the importance of whitespace to showing relationships between content on your page.
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Designing with Wire-frames

When you create a wire-frame, you’re restricting your mind to focusing on what truly matters- the website's content.
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Resources for Freelance Web Designers

Being a freelance web designer is hard work. A collection of articles, links, and tools to help you along on your freelancing journey.
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Usability Tip: Use Verbs as Labels on Buttons

An argugment for using verbs as the labels for your dialog buttons.
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Managing Inspiration

A look at some ways to help stroke your design inspiration- getting it to strike, and making sure it isn’t lost when it does.
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Two new ways to location-enable your web apps using Google

Google Code API offers cut and paste tools to detect the location of your visitors.
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Using Shadows to Improve the Usability of Menus and Windows

Let's look at how adding alpha transparency drop shadows can improve the usability of menus and other elements on your site.

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