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The Freelancer Pricing Conundrum

A look at the conundrum freelancers face when deciding how much to charge their clients.
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Familiarity & Learnability

Familiarity and learnability are two important design principles used when creating web sites. The author explains.
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Categories vs Tags

There are two concepts which are used to organize your site’s content: categories and tags. A description of the two.
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The Essense of Web Design

A web designer reflects on the essence of web design as she's discovered it. Nice read.
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How Usable is Your Copy?

Copy is a term used to refer to the text on your website. How "usable" is it?
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Use Whitespace to Indicate Relationships Between Content Elements

A reminder on the importance of whitespace to showing relationships between content on your page.
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Designing with Wire-frames

When you create a wire-frame, you’re restricting your mind to focusing on what truly matters- the website's content.
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Resources for Freelance Web Designers

Being a freelance web designer is hard work. A collection of articles, links, and tools to help you along on your freelancing journey.
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Usability Tip: Use Verbs as Labels on Buttons

An argugment for using verbs as the labels for your dialog buttons.
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Managing Inspiration

A look at some ways to help stroke your design inspiration- getting it to strike, and making sure it isn’t lost when it does.

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