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HTML5 Notepad

This HTML5 based "notepad" app uses HTML5's DOM Storage capability to allow users on your site to save and persist random bits of text for retrieval later.
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Sticky Note script

Sticky Note lets you displays floating content anywhere on the page that remains in view even when the page is scrolled.
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Using Deferreds in jQuery 1.5

Deferreds, a new feature in jQuery 1.5, decouple logic dependent on the outcome of a task from the task itself.
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Create an Attractive Before and After Photo Effect with jQuery

This article shows how to use jQuery to create a "before" and "after" photo effect- roll the mouse over a photo to reveal an alternate version of it.
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Google Map Selector

This jQuery script lets you easily embed a Google Map on your page that supports switching between multiple addresses.
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Box shadows animating using jQuery

This jQuery plugin extends the default animate function to support the CSS box shadow-property, animating it in some cool ways.
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Speech Bubbles tooltip

This jQuery script adds tooltips to your links that resemble the iconic speech bubble and using NO images.
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cssHooks in jQuery 1.4.3

cssHooks allow you to "hook" in to how jQuery gets and sets css properties, in turn enabling developers to add missing functionality to the stock jQuery.fn.css() function.
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Signature Pad

Signature Pad is a jQuery plugin that harnesses HTML5's canvas element to let users draw their signatures inside a web page and save/ retrieve them later.
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Snippet Syntax Highlighter

A jQuery syntax highlighting plugin that provides a quick and easy way of highlighting source code passages in HTML documents.

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