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ImageMapster image map enhancer

ImageMapster is a jQuery plugin that brings HTML image maps to life. With this tool, any image map can be highlighted, selected, and manipulated in all kinds of ways.
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TransformJS 1.0

TransformJS is a robust jQuery plugin that lets you do 2D and 3D transformations using jQuery's existing css() and animate() methods.
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Sticky Content script

This jQuery script lets you stick any content on the page once the user scrolls past it so it remains in view even afterwards.
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Adding Weather to Your Site with jQuery and YQL

This article looks at how to use jQuery and YQL (a free web service offered by Yahoo) to easily add a customized weather display to your site.
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Auto Save Form script

This script brings GMail style auto saving feature to any form on your site.
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jQuery Proven Performance Tips And Tricks

A series of slides educating coders on how to write more efficient jQuery code.
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jQuery Mobile: What Can It Do for You?

This article ook at some of the key features and benefits of jQuery Mobile and how to put them to work for you.
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DD Mega Menu

DD Mega Menu is a drop down menu that supports arbitrary sub menu layouts, such as multiple columns of links, even arbitrary rich HTML. Furthermore, it supports nested mega menus.
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Building Cross-Platform Apps Using jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile introduces a cross-platform and cross-device framework for developing mobile applications. This simple app demonstrates this.
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jCanvas is a jQuery plugin that makes working with the HTML5 canvas easy, acting as a layer between canvas and its cumbersome syntax.

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