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50 Useful JavaScript Tools

50 excellent tools to help you achieve various tasks involved in authoring JavaScript code.
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Tips for Speeding up your JavaScript (4 parts)

A wonderful 4 part series by Nicholas C. Zakas on ways to optimize your JavaScript code.
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Creating an animated background menu using CSS/ JavaScript

A step by step tutorial on how to create a compelling menu with an animated background when the mouse rolls over it.
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The Art of Writing Cryptic Code- Part I

This isn't an article about writing good code. This is an article about writing code that just doesn’t make much sense at first glance.
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Creating a flashy image slideshow with IE Transitions

A step by step tutorial on creating a cross browser image slideshow that's enhanced visually in IE using IE Transitions.
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DOM Element Traversal API

John Resig talks about the new Element Traversal API in DOM Level2, now supported in Firefox 3.1.
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Creating a Virtual jQuery Keyboard

A tutorial on creating a virtual keyboard using jQuery and lots of form buttons.
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The Ultimate addEvent() function

Stephen Stchur's version of addEvent() has a few new tricks up its sleeves, including support for cross browser "mouseenter" and "mouseleave" events.
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John Resig on JavaScript benchmarks quality

In light of the speed claims by Google Chrome, John Resiq discusses the quality of different JavaScript benchmarks.
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CSS Sprites2 - It’s JavaScript Time

CSS sprites technique redux using JavaScript and jQuery.

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