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CSS3 Animation With jQuery Fallbacks

A look at how you can use CSS3 transitions to power your application's animations, with jQuery's .animate() method used as a fallback. CSS3 transitions have the benefit of being hardware accelerated.
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Setting CSS3 properties using JavaScript

With the numerous CSS vendor prefixes one has to contend with when it comes to defining CSS3 properties, setting them in JavaScript can be even more confusing.
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Object-Based Inheritance For ECMAScript 5

This post looks at the new Object.create() method found in ECMAScript 5 and an inheritance system built on top of that functionality.
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Essential JavaScript And jQuery Design Patterns

A free ebook that looks at a number of popular JavaScript and jQuery design patterns and their usefulness.
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Create Spinning Rays with CSS3 Animations & JavaScript

This article shows how to use CSS3's transform property plus a little JavaScript to rotate a background image periodically and create spinning rays!
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Using DOM sessionStorage and localStorage to persist large amounts of info

HTML5 introduces DOM Storage, a new way of storing data on the client side that overcomes the disk space limitations of JavaScript cookies.
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When does JavaScript trigger reflows and rendering?

Quick and useful tip on when your JavaScript triggers a browser reflow and how to minimize it.
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Using document.createElement() to test for support for an element

Checking whether the browser supports a particular HTML element can be tricky. This is where document.createElement() comes in.
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JavaScript Module Pattern: In-Depth

The module pattern in JavaScript is generally well understood, but there are a number of advanced uses that have not gotten a lot of attention.
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Anti-patterns in the making

James Padolsey talks briefly about self invoking JavaScript functions and the sometimes questionable reasons he turns to them.

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