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Anti-patterns in the making

James Padolsey talks briefly about self invoking JavaScript functions and the sometimes questionable reasons he turns to them.
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The onmousewheel event of JavaScript

The onmousewheel event fires whenever the user moves the mouse wheel either upwards or downwards, and can provide yet another way for users to interact with your JavaScript.
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How To Use Pure CSS or JavaScript plugins to style web forms

A look at styling web forms using pure CSS alone or with the aid of JavaScript plugins.
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PHP Photo Album script

A sleek PHP enhanced Photo Album script that automates the retrieval of all images within a specific directory and shows them.
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HTML5 drag and drop in Firefox 3.5

A nice summary of Firefox 3.5's implementation of HTML 5's specifications on Drag and Drop Events.
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Changes to JavaScript: EcmaScript 5

Google Code has put together a nice HTML slideshow describing EcmaScript 5, the language JavaScript is based on.
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7 JavaScript Differences Between Firefox & IE

Although the days of long and tedious code branches to target specific browsers in JavaScript are over, once in a while it’s still necessary to do some simple code branching to account for differences in Firefox and IE.
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50 Useful JavaScript Tools

50 excellent tools to help you achieve various tasks involved in authoring JavaScript code.
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Tips for Speeding up your JavaScript (4 parts)

A wonderful 4 part series by Nicholas C. Zakas on ways to optimize your JavaScript code.
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Creating an animated background menu using CSS/ JavaScript

A step by step tutorial on how to create a compelling menu with an animated background when the mouse rolls over it.

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