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Ajax powered Country and Area Drop-down List

A dynamic Country and Area (Region, State, or Province) selector that uses Ajax to retrieve the selected info.
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Cross-Site XMLHttpRequest in Firefox 3

Firefox 3.0 will support W3C Access Control working draft, which means cross browser XMLHttpRequests!
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47+ Excellent Ajax CSS Forms

A great bunch of creative, outstanding and Ajax infused forms designed from scratch.
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A Study of Ajax Performance Issues

Ajax application performance largely depends on the performance of JavaScript execution and browser DOM operations. A good study on the issues.
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Using iframe for Ajax requests

A tutorial on how to use the IFRAME element to accomplish Ajax type requests, similar to how gMail does it.
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Ajax Tabs Content v2

Ajax Tabs Content, a flexible script that lets you display external page content using tabs, has just been updated to v 2.0.
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Ajax Pagination script

A script that lets you include content from multiple pages and display them on demand, using Ajax. Pagination links are automatically created.
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Asynchronous File Upload with YUI

Cuong Tham has written up an example of implementing asynchronous file upload using YUI.

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