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Performing GET and POST requests using Ajax

A frank and gentle tutorial on Ajax, covering important topics such as fetching XML and JSON files using it.
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Ajax Photo Gallery

A compact Ajax Image gallery script with fade in transition.
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Displaying source code with Ajax

A script that simplifies the display of code within your tutorial or article pages.
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Understanding Ajax Security- a slideshow

An excellent slideshow on security related issues in Ajax, by Douglas Crockford of Yahoo.
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Featured Content Slider v2.0

A highly customizable, Ajax enabled Content Slider script. Now version 2.0
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Ajax performance analysis

A nice analysis of the potential bottlenecks in your Ajax application and how to overcome it.
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Ajax Image Sliders Part 3: Intervals with Opacity

Part 3 of the Ajax Image Slider tutorial looks at adding opacity to help in the transitioning effect.
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Creating an Ajax Image Slider Part II

Part II on creating an Ajax image slider using YUI- efficiency using intervals.
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Creating an Ajax Image Slider Part I

Part I on creating an Ajax, "responsive" image slider using YUI.
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10 Edit In-Place Ajax Scripts

10 Ajax scripts that adds edit-in-place functionality to elements on your page.

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