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99 Alternatives to 99Designs

99 ideas for web designers to look to instead of joining the crowd sourcing bandwagon.

11 Essential Tips Every Designer Should Be Aware Of

"These tips are from my personal experience which I find helps me daily as a web designer."

50 Fresh Impressive Photo Manipulation Tutorials

50 new Photoshop tutorials on manipulating photos in various ways to sharpen your skills.


EZ-CSS is a CSS framework that lets you quickly implement table-less CSS layouts of all sorts.

Quick Sand reordering script

Quick Sand is a nice jQuery plugin that lets you reorder and filter items within a UL list with a nice shuffling animation.

Checking Your Site For Visual Hierarchy

A look at a site's visual hierarchy and why it matters.

48 Hours Logo

Love em' or hate em', here is another Logo Design Contests site, where buyers of logos can solicit bids from designers to work on their logos for a certain price.

CSS3 Gradients: No Image Aqua Button

This tutorial shows how to use CSS3 gradients to create an Aqua Button that's pure CSS and no images.


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