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DAY 2: Fading Background Color With jQuery .animate()

Today i would like to experience with you another effect that is widely used these days, the Background Color Fading effect on hover. We will have a block of content that when the mouse moves over the backgroundColor starts an animation where it changes to another.

CSS Sprites. They’re Awesome. Use Them

A look at what CSS image sprites are and why you should them (oh yes, and how).

11 Wordpress Plugins To Manage Your Ads Banners

This post looks into 11 Powerful Wordpress Plugins To manage your advertisements easily.

Making an image gallery with :target

One of the selectors new to CSS3 is the :target pseudo-class, which can be used to apply rules to an element with a fragment identifier.

CSS3 Transforms & @font-face Experiment

An experiential with using CSS3 transforms and font-face to create fancy poster-like text.

How to color old black and white photos in Photoshop

Do you have old black and white photos and wonder what they would look like in colour? This Photoshop tutorial shows you how to add color to them.

Preparing Your Web Content for iPad

Worried whether your site will hold up when viewed on iPad? Here's an iPad readiness checklist prepared by Apple for webmasters.

CSS3 transitions and 2D transforms in Opera

A look at CSS3 animations and transformations in Opera, which is supported starting in Opera 10.50.

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