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50 Free High-Quality Icon Sets

I'm not the biggest fan of the free this and that articles but when Smashing Mag comes out with a high-quality icon set post, it's worth a look!

Daily Illustration process

A fast forwarded unique look at a comic artists daily morning illustration processes, pretty cool if you're in need of some eye candy.

jQuery Image Bubbles

A cool Flash-like effect that causes an image to bubble up and expand whenever the mouse rolls over it.

How to avoid your Creativity Burnout

"In this article, I share my insights on what I think is the best way to avoid creativity burnout."

47 CSS Tips & Tricks To Take Your Site To The Next Level

47 CSS tips that span from beginner to more advanced CSS code.

Things you should know before writing a guest article

Writing a guest article in some of the popular blogs not only puts you in the spot light, but when well written and executed, will bring in a lot of praises and raise your profile online.

Client Tactics: Maintaining Existing Clients

This article discusses the reasons why managing existing clients instead of chasing new ones is important.

New features introduced in Photoshop CS5

A look at some of the cool new features of the upcoming Photoshop CS5, with video demos.


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