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Harmony- Canvas Drawing Tool

Harmony is a HTML5/ Canvas drawing tool that includes some impressive brushing effects.

How to present your designs to the client

Presenting your design to the client is always one of the most daunting parts of the design process. A look at how one designer does it.

Simple Image Panner

Simple Image Panner lets you clip and confine large images to a smaller container, with the hidden portion viewable by dragging inside the image.

CSS3 loading spinners without images

See how to use CSS3's css-transform property to create an animated image-less loading spinner with just code, no images!

45+ Excellent Comment Designs For Design Inspiration

This list shows 45+ blogs where the web designer didn’t just throw together the same old comment design, but put the extra effort into making it creative.

Texrt with moving backgrounds using jQuery

This article looks at how to add a moving background to text using jQuery.

50 Awesome Animations made with CSS3

Here are 50 CSS3 animation examples that perform many motion-based functions normally delegated to JavaScript.

Image Power Zoomer

A sleek script that gives any image on your page the ability to be magnified when the mouse rolls over it.


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