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110 Excellent Free Icon Sets For Your Next Design

In this post we present 110 Excellent and Beautiful Free Icon Sets for your next project.

Creating an Avatar character in Photoshop

In this tutorial you're learn how to transform yourself into a Na'vi character using Photoshop.

CSS3: Stay on :target

This article introduces you to a really powerful CSS3 pseudo selector called ":target" and how it can be useful.

30 Logo Designs with Creative Use of Negative Space

Negative Space refers to the “white space”, or “paper color” that shows through a design. See logos that make use of this technique.

97 Best Practices of Pricing Page Designs

Pricing pages are one of the important elements of web design for businesses. Nicely designed pricing pages increases customers and generate more revenue.

50 Free High-Quality Icon Sets

I'm not the biggest fan of the free this and that articles but when Smashing Mag comes out with a high-quality icon set post, it's worth a look!

Daily Illustration process

A fast forwarded unique look at a comic artists daily morning illustration processes, pretty cool if you're in need of some eye candy.

jQuery Image Bubbles

A cool Flash-like effect that causes an image to bubble up and expand whenever the mouse rolls over it.


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