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W3CS.com is a place collecting good websites.

CSS Maze

A maze implemented in pure CSS, only works in Gecko browsers and the latest Opera preview.

Vertical Align misuse

An attempt to demystify one of the most misused properties of CSS.

Creating badges in Photoshop

Those spiky round badges all are the rage with web designers it seems. This nice tutorial shows you how to create them in Photoshop.

CSS Drive redesigned!

After a couple of years, anything but the old design. So I'm happy.

Ajax, iframes, and form submission

A nice technique of using Ajax to submit forms asynchronously, but the question I have is, why?


A library that extends JavaScript with syntax and features inspired by dynamic languages like Ruby and Perl. Not sold yet.

Simple CSS Round Corners

A very flexible technique for creating round corner boxes using CSS.

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