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Flickr style CSS image map

How to create a neat 'Flickr' like CSS Image map...

Bubbles Tooltips

A very nice, "auto adjusting "bubbles tooltips script. Uses DHTML with a touch of CSS.

Bubble tooltips II

Another bubble tooltips script, created using CSS and JavaScript.

The future of HTML: XHTML 2.0

A look ahead at XHTML 2.0 and what it means for the web.

Returning mySQL data as XML for easy Ajax processing

Useful article that looks at how to easily output mySQL data in XML format for Ajax manipulation.

CSS 3 selectors explained

A nice look at the features available in CSS 3.

CSS Spyglasses

A very interesting magnifying effect on an image using JavaScript and CSS.

DHTML/ CSS line graph script

A very nice DHTML and CSS based line graph script.

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