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An RSS + Ajax + JavaScript ticker

A nice tutorial on combining RSS, Ajax, and JavaScript to create a live RSS ticker.

PNG Image Transparency and IE

A way to simulate PNG transparency in IE.

What’s New for CSS in Beta 2 Preview?

Read all about it, straight from the horse's mouth.

Lightbox Gone Wild!

A modal window using JavaScript that grabs any type of page using Ajax.

Protopage v2

Ajax, drag and drop, CSS oh my!

CSS table gallery

Tables are not out yet. CSS Table gallery on the table!

eBay redesign excercise

Old news, but definitely still good. Andy Rutledge comes up with his own version of Ebay's frontpage and argues why it may just be better than the real version.

“Please test your sites in IE7”

A call by IE developers to help them out by testing your sites in IE7 beta 2 PR.

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