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Pretty Templates

Great set of free CSS/XHTML valid templates from the site Pretty As A Picture.

Design Deconstruct launched

Team review site with a community feel.

Javascript/Canvas Graph library

A new JavaScript library that draws graphs. (Graphs, not charts).

Vertical centering in CSS solution

Vertical aligning solution in CSS that works in IE6 and Firefox.

Yahoo Testing New Homepage

A screenshot of Yahoo's new homepage in the works, on Flickr.

RSS ticker script using Ajax

A very nice fading RSS ticker that uses the lastRSS.php class for the backend, and Ajax and JavaScript to display the feed items dynamically.

Website snapshot service

This is my free service that automates the process of capturing a snapshot of any website and displaying it as a normal png-image on your own website.

Earph Interactive Redesigned

Earph Interactive starts off the New Year with a new design.

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