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September 25, 1974

Access Credit Scoring Through Your Free Credit Report:

It is commonly believed that there are more credit savvy people live in cosmopolitan cities of US than across the Europe. I personally believe in contrast and endorse credit learning through a free credit report system.  My findings differ and base on a broader area of knowledge. I am of the opinion that being a credit savvy person takes your individual efforts. It has more to do with your own unique learning experience than going through others bad experiences on credit defaults. Your own efforts must include frequent review of a free credit report.

Recent wave of financial turmoil across all major financial markets led to a chaotic situation. Today fewer people believe in credibility of credit rating agencies than ever before. Since my post-graduate degree in Finance from Stern School of Management, New York University in August 2007, I have been reviewing my free credit reportquite frequently. Throughout my graduate classes in finance I have had enough exposure in reading a free credit report. In a financial setting, you need to look at a bigger screen and then re-engineer the same information and review it on micro basis. I have been practicing the same whenever I come across a free credit report every morning.

I have earned couple of benefits from free credit report reading. My habit alone has saved me from several perils. This helped me to save a million dollar investment portfolio from going into drain. My total investment at the time of late 2008 was about 1 million US dollar. Frequent review of a free credit report not only helped me in saving my money but also added a major chunk in terms of capital and dividend gains. Now I can confidently say that free credit report system helped me in beating the S & P 500 index in a big way! I have earned above average returns and some of my colleagues term it as abnormal profit making. Indeed, I can happily brag about it.

Taking a free credit report direct from the credit bureau is an ideal way to save you from embarrassing situations. For instance, when I first filed my loan application at Bank of America’s Cambridge, MA branch, the officer was more than happy and offered me mortgage very attractive mortgage rates. This further strengthened my faith in free credit report reading.