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If you're looking for priority support from us regarding any issue on CSS Drive (ie: site reviews, link removals etc), please use the below form. There is a $12 cost associated with each ticket, though you are assured a 24hr response time. Please note the following about use of this service:

Service Agreement

  • The service fee of $12 is non refundable, and only guarantees that your inquiry will be looked at by us within a 24hr window, with a response given if necessary.
  • It does NOT guarantee anything beyond the above. If you're inquiring about a site submission for example, use of this service does not mean your site will necessarily be included. If you're requesting a link removal, it does not guarantee compliance, though as long as request is within reason as deemed by us, we will try and accommodate.
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* By pressing the above button, I agree to the $12 charge and service agreement. You will receive an automated email regarding payment options for the $12, which you must complete in order for your ticket to be reviewed.

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