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Date: 11/06/2007
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Comments (5)

Hasn't this website already been around for months? I'm surprised that you only added it in now...

#1: Chris Vincent on 11/06 at 04:38 AM

It's definitely an old site, yes. Last time I looked at it the design was different though. I stumbled across the site again just now, and liked the newer design enough to post it.

#2: georgec on 11/06 at 04:48 AM

too dark!!!!!!!!

#3: A dude... on 11/06 at 06:26 AM

Actually I kind of like the design. It has a neat earthy tone to it.

#4: paulehr on 11/06 at 12:07 PM

it has to be the ugliest f*king site I have seen posted/featured on cssdrive and one the ugliest anywhere! For all the talk of accessibility and making sites available to the blind, comes a website only a blind person can truly enjoy :(

From the dark coffee grounds on mudstains color scheme, the whole site seems like a magnified stain on a seedy hotel mattress (who havent been on one of those huh?) to the faint hubris of the author who implores his visitiors "Copyright © 2004-2007 Steve Smith | All Rights Reserved | Donít steal my stuff, itís bad karma." damn straight!

If you steal this graveyard looking monstrosity, a grave you deserve!

#5: mark on 11/07 at 12:17 AM
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